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When Jesus rose from the dead - He opened heaven.
He paved the way of home for you and me.
Lord, our hearts overflow with thanksgiving!
Redemption is ours - full and free. lm

Our Lord's compassion has no limits.
His love for us - is strong.
He paid the price for all our sins.
We'll sing His praise - all day long. lm

When we pass through the waters of hopelessness,
Our Father is with you and me.
We may not see Him, hear Him, or even feel Him,
But He gave us His Word. - And we believe. lm

Our Lord becomes our hiding place,
giving rest to our weary soul.
When we give Him our heavy burdens,
He takes them - and takes control. lm

The seal of God's Holy Spirit cannot be broken.
We have His promise that He will never leave us.
We will never walk alone for He walks with us.
When we speak His Name - He hears. Thank You Jesus! lm

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